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Chair: Matthew Goodwin

Co-Chairs: Teresa Calabrese & John Cappiello

Secretary:  Christopher Oldi

The Family and Matrimonial Law Committee (“FMLC”) was the first section of the LGBT Bar Association of New York and represents an expansion of the bar association’s committee-based structure.  The FMLC offers members who practice, or have an interest in, family and matrimonial law a combination of resources, access to events, and discourse uniquely focused on the intersection of family and matrimonial law and the LGBTQI+ community.  FMLC members have exclusive access to an online discussion group through which LGBTQI+ client-focused family and matrimonial law practitioners can connect and engage with one another


The committee’s purpose is to bring together members who practice, have interest in, or wish to learn about the variety of family and matrimonial laws that affect our community. The committee addresses how codified and proposed changes to the law surrounding family building, recognition, and dissolution uniquely affects the LGBTQI+ community, and the diversity in family relations we form.  Without a doubt, the LGBTQI+ community has experienced legal, social, and political advancement in our not-to-distant history, but it remains crucial to have a space for the exploration of the unique challenges, inequalities, and disparity we continue to face.  As important, we, as a community of legal and aspiring legal professionals, must endeavor to explore ways to legally shape our families, dissolve our families when necessary, and strive to continue to consider the protections and consequences legally afforded to or denied to our community.


Historically, the LGBTQI+ community has been excluded from participating in the creation and implementation of laws that sometimes have extreme impacts on our families, and their plethora of compositions. Further, our committee also recognizes that the LGBTQI+ community has within itself, struggled with exclusivity and inclusion, and as such, our committee strives to recognize and value diversity and specifically address the disparate treatment faced by LGBTQ+ persons of color.  The Family & Matrimonial Law Committee is dedicated to acknowledging and addressing the diversity of our means to create, dissolve, and protect our inherent rights to family through our work and contributions in the fields of family and matrimonial law as well as educational outreach and training.


Chair: Justin Teres

LeGaL's Solutions for Legislative Advocacy and Policy ("SLAP") group pushes for the adoption of policies that protect the civil rights of LGBTQ New Yorkers.   


Chair: Patrick MacMurray

Forum for counsel serving in-house at corporations. The committee promotes the professional interests of LGBT in-house counsel, conducts events for those interested in in-house counsel opportunities, liaisons with other organizations to foster best practices, and provides opportunities for LGBT in-house counsel to network and share resources.


Chair: Jeff Becherer

Promote the active participation of the law student community in the work of LeGaL. This committee will ensure that LeGaL is engaged with the law student community, enhance interaction with LGBT affinity groups at area law schools, assist with LeGaL programs impacting the law student community and organize networking and social events for LGBT law students while promoting networking and mentoring among law students and practicing attorneys.


Co-Chairs: Janice Grubin, Michael Weiner

Co-Vice Chairs: Pamela Goldsmith, Alexandra "Alex" P.  Kolod

Oversee LeGaL screening panels that evaluate candidates for judicial office and provide ratings; recruit and select designees to serve on judicial screening panels of other organizations; promote the interests of members of the LGBT community interested in serving within the judiciary; liaison with the judicial community and promote the advancement of judges dedicated to equality and full representation of the LGBT legal community.


Chair: Nicholas Corsano

Organize social and networking events for LeGaL members and, in conjunction with other organizations, promote a sense of community among members while expanding professional and social networks.


Chair: Joe Evall

Forum for partners in large law firms and with corporate/institutional clients to network and share experiences and ideas; promote LGBT friendly policies within the law firm community; promote recruiting and mentoring of LGBT associates; work to improve the prospects of LGBT lawyers interested in serving on the bench and sponsor events of interest to large law firm community.


Chair: Katerina Kurteva

The Public Interest Law Committee is made up of the LGBT not-for-profit legal services community, governmental attorneys and judges, academics, and attorneys interested in pro bono opportunities and public interest work. The PILC is also working to launch LeGaL’s new Leadership Council for law firms and companies to take on innovative pro bono projects.


Chairs: Bill Crosby & Robert Maldonado

The Diversity Committee is dedicated to working collaboratively toward creating and maintaining diversity within LeGaL; advocating for diversity in the organization’s activities and services; inviting and encouraging participation and involvement of individuals with diverse backgrounds, as well as institutions that seek the same; raising awareness of the diversity within the LGBT community through programs and activities; and strengthening the support provided to LeGaL members and the wider LGBT community by promoting inclusiveness, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious, and economic diversity.


More information to come.

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