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Podcast: Preparing for a Progressive Takeover of the Courts

On today’s show we are going to be talking about what civil rights advocates can do to invest in judges who are committed to a liberal jurisprudence that will protect a democracy of the people as well as the rights of LGBT people, women and vulnerable minorities.

We are going to start by talking with Chris Kang, chief counsel for Demand Justice and former Chief Counsel to President Obama about the Supreme Court and how the fight for progressive constitutional change depends on citizen activism.

Then we will talk with Jon Michaels, a Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law about his recent piece for Shall Take Care blog: Advancing a Left-Liberal Jurisprudence.

Finally, we will speak with the Brennan Center’s Deputy Director of Democracy Programs, Alicia Bannon about how civil rights advocates can take a new look to state courts as an alternative to federal courts for upholding liberty and equality.

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