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Kristen Browde Elected Board President of LeGaL, The LGBT Bar of New York

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

LeGaL, The LGBT Bar of New York — one of the nation’s first and largest bar associations of the LGBT legal community — has elected Kristen Prata Browde, a solo practitioner who practices in the field of divorce and family law, as the organization’s new Board President.

"I am so excited to work with Kristen to ensure that LeGaL serves the community by helping LGBTQ New Yorkers access the rights and resources they desperately need,” said LeGaL Executive Director Eric Lesh. “Kristen's fierce advocacy on behalf of the transgender people, and the entire LGBT community is a tremendous value — particularly at a time when we are facing an attempt by the federal government to undo the legal progress we have secured. Together, we will fight for a New York that protects vulnerable and marginalized people.”

"We have been battling nonstop to limit the damage to the cause of equality resulting from the current administration in Washington. LeGal is vital to that work, as is our collective visibility, and I'm unequivocally committed to carrying forth our message at every level," said Browde, LeGaL’s first out, transgender officer. “Furthering the outreach of LeGal to the trans community and its vibrant and increasingly out and active bar is important work, especially given the current situation.”

"Kristen is exactly what we need," said LeGaL Outgoing President, Gennaro Savastano. "She is a devoted advocate and a force to be reckoned with.  I’m inspired by her vision, and am confident that her many talents will nurture and grow our organization and community. I am so grateful that Kristen has stepped up to lead LeGaL in this dire moment, and I look forward to supporting her in every way I can."

The LGBT Bar Association of New York is dedicated to promoting justice in and through the legal system for LGBTQ people.

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