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  • Preserving Justice & Banning “Panic” Defense

Assembly: O’Donnell (A5001), Senate: Hoylman (S50)

  • Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA)

Assembly: Gottfried (A3358), Senate: Hoylman (S7010)

  • Banning Conversion Therapy

Assembly: Glick (A03977), Senate: Hoylman (S263)

  • Preserving Parental Custody Rights

Assembly: No Sponsor, Senate: Hoylman (S97)


LeGaL writes with concern regarding the limitation of recertification to only three Justices out of forty-nine across New York State pursuant to Chief Administrative Judge Marks’ memorandum of September 29, 2020.

LeGaL strongly believes that elimination of the newspaper publication requirement will substantially and positively affect the safety and well-being of transgender name change applicants.​​

LeGaL strongly believes that our courts should not be compromised by inordinate cuts to the number of judges and other court personnel, so that the judiciary remains the institution to which New Yorkers can turn for impartial and swift justice.

LGBT New Yorkers should not have to live in fear that being out could provide justification for violence against them. So-called “gay panic” or “trans panic” defenses in our criminal justice system use the sexual orientation or gender identity of victims to explain or excuse a defendant’s targeted violence.  It is time for New York to join other states in banning these harmful legal defenses.

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