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We are your bar association. You are LeGaL.

LGBT Bar NY is moving to a calendar year membership term of July 1-June 31 in 2023!
Until then, dues will be pro-rated at half the standard annual fee, with a membership expiration date of June 31, 2023. Click on the buttons above to view current rates.

Thanks to our volunteer lawyers and members:

2021 Membership-icons.png

LeGaL serves over 2,200 LGBTQ+ people each year.

2021 Membership-icons2.png

LeGaL’s Judiciary Committee works to ensure that courts are fair and impartial.

2021 Membership-icons7.png

LeGaL presents networking opportunities for members.

2021 Membership-icons6.png

LeGaL supports LGBTQ+ law students through our judicial fellowship, career fair and mentoring program.

2021 Membership-icons10.png

LeGaL plays a critical role in passing legislation.

2021 Membership-icons4.png

Our legal team and pro bono partners bring cutting-edge impact litigation.

2021 Membership-icons5.png

LeGaL hosts CLEs and educational programs.

2021 Membership-icons9.png

LeGaL publishes LGBT Law Notes and produces the LeGaL LGBT Podcast.

Your membership is essential to our shared mission of advancing LGBTQ+ justice in and through the legal profession.

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