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LeGaL’s Judicial Pathway Program (JPP) is a long-term mentorship and educational program designed to help foster LGBTQI+ attorneys who aspire to become members of the Judiciary, and to provide the cultural competency to help them one day represent the LGBTQI+ community on the bench. The JPP provides participants with networking opportunities, judicial mentorship matches, educational seminars, and resources to help navigate the process of becoming a Judge. 

Application Requirements:

To apply for the Judicial Pathway Program, an interested candidate must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be admitted to practice in New York State for a minimum of six (6) years;

  • Must be a member of LeGaL in good standing throughout the application process and during participation in the Judicial Pathway Program;

  • Must make a commitment to actively participate and engage in the Judicial Pathway Program for a minimum of one year; 

  • Must provide a statement (maximum 250 words) outlining the participant’s interest, including reasons for aspiring to become a member of the judiciary; 

  • Must provide a statement (maximum 250 words) detailing the participant’s commitment to the LGBTQI+ community, with illustrative examples of how the participant has used their position as an attorney to further support or fight for the rights of the LGBTQI+ community;

  • Must pass an interview and screening process chaired by current members of the judiciary.


Selection Criteria:

In reviewing a potential participant’s application, the JPP Selection Committee shall consider the following:

  • The applicant’s reasons for wanting to become a member of the judiciary;

  • How the applicant has demonstrated a commitment to the LGBTQI+ community;

  • The applicant’s participation and engagement in LeGaL;

  • The applicant’s responses to questions posed by the Screening Committee;

  • How the applicant adds to the diversity[1] of both the program and the judiciary.

[1] “Diversity” is to be defined as it is in the Board of Director’s diversity criteria for applicants to the Board of Directors and may include, but is not limited to, an applicant’s field of legal practice or professional background.  

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