LeGaL's Virtual Legal Clinic

We are pleased to announce that LeGaL’s Tuesday Night Clinic is now online! The Clinic operates on Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m., now through video consultations with our volunteer lawyers.
Please read the following acknowledgment and, if you agree to the terms, click to get the clinic information that follows:


By accessing, submitting information to, or utilizing the services of the LeGaL clinic, you expressly understand that LeGaL's Clinic does not provide legal representation to you and that no attorney-client relationship shall be formed between you and LeGaL or any of its employees, officers, directors, or agents. In addition, the volunteer attorney shall not become your legal representative by virtue of the Clinic consultation, as the assistance provided is limited to the Clinic session only as governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct.  Though the volunteer attorney may provide information for other services or make subsequent referrals, there is no obligation to do so, nor is there an obligation to provide you with any continuing counsel regarding the issues discussed during the session.  Any information you provide to the Clinic staff, including any documentation, shall be treated as confidential pursuant to the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct, and will only be accessed by LeGaL staff or Clinic volunteers, unless the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law permit or require other disclosure.  If you choose to submit any documentation through the online platform, you understand that LeGaL is not responsible for any way in which the hosting platform may access this information, nor is LeGaL responsible for any unauthorized access to such information by other unintended third parties. You also understand that, because the Clinic is virtual and online, technical difficulties may occasionally arise. Recording of the session is not permitted and is subject to any applicable legal liability. Abusive or otherwise inappropriate behavior towards any of the Clinic staff or other Clinic visitors may result in being barred from this and future Clinics. Finally, you understand that the online Clinic utilizes the Zoom platform, and by participating in the Clinic, you accept and assume any and all risks associated with the use of this platform, and agree to hold the Legal Clinic harmless for any loss, damage, or claim that might arise from or relate to the use of Zoom or the online nature of the Clinic, including loss of data, malware and similar issues, data being stored on foreign serves that may be in jurisdictions with limited privacy protections, as well as hacking events or other data security risks.