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We're looking for energetic and committed candidates for the Board of Directors of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York.  

The Nominating and Elections Committee, chaired by Meredith R. Miller, invites and encourages you to submit your name for consideration or to contact the Committee to provide suggestions for additional nominees. 

Benefits of serving on the Board:

  • Building a professional network of colleagues and mentoring newer attorneys

  • Supplementing your resume with leadership positions and philanthropic efforts

  • Working with other LGBT lawyers - including those in private practice, the public sector, the judiciary, and academia - to assist the LGBT community

  • Finding opportunities to truly make a difference through your efforts and unique skills

Nomination Qualifications:

  • Personal commitment to, and adequate time for, contributing to the Board's work

  • A demonstrated involvement and familiarity with LeGaL's mission and objectives

  • Leadership skills and the ability to work well with others

  • Awareness of sound nonprofit governance

  • Possession of other key skills, professional experiences, or relationships beneficial to LeGaL

  • Fundraising ability

LeGaL's Nominating and Elections Committee shall strive to be consistent with the diversity requirements set forth in the Association's bylaws and seeks prospective nominees reflecting gender, sexual orientation, racial, and ethnic diversity, as well as varied legal practice areas.  The Committee shall submit to the Secretary of the Association a list of at least as many nominees as there are positions to be filled. 


If you wish to nominate yourself for a position on the 2023 Board, you must provide via e-mail the information requested below either within the text of an e-mail or as a separate Microsoft Word document.  

To ensure accuracy of the candidate statements and our ability to efficiently compile statements, no statements will be accepted by mail or fax or in hand-written form.  The statements must be sent to with the subject header ("Candidate Statement") and must be received no later than September 18, 2022.

Information to be Provided to Nominating and Elections Committee:

  1. Name, address, and e-mail contact

  2. Initial year of membership in LeGaL

  3. Current resume

  4. If applicable, please identify how you would contribute to the gender, racial, and ethnic diversity of the Board

  5. Statement in support of candidacy, including any LeGaL activities/offices held, for inclusion with proxy ballots distributed to voting members (250 words maximum)

  6. Additional information you believe would be helpful to the Committee

  7. Do you have any experience with fundraising? If so, what experience?

*The committee may require additional information during the nomination process.

The election of the 2023 Board of Directors will take place at our Annual Meeting

scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. 

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